On a coastline far far away !

A Short while ago on a coastline far far away gathered Yoda, Simon solo, Oisin Vader, Larkin Leia on her back and myself. We had journeyed far to reach the jewel Skellig Michel Isle, West Ireland .celtic4

In fact Oisin had been waiting 10 years to finally get out to the island after several attempts delayed by poor weather and big swell.

For those of you like me who have not watched the latest Star Wars movie I had no idea why so many people were queueing for the ferry out. Luckily after an early start we beat them to it.

The island or islands including little skellig are truly awe inspiring like Pyramids rising steeply from the sea and once ashore the scale of the paths and beehive huts created by monks sometime back in the first century are mystical.skellig 5

Then there is the wildlife thousands of gannets from the colony on little skellig weald above and on the rocks puffins, guillemots, razorbills and kittiwakes among others abound.

A  truly stunning trip but not to be underestimated and as landing is precarious only attempted in settled conditions.

skellig 1Yoda 2


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